Morris Code, LLC

Location: Southfield, Michigan, USA

Client Type: Web developer, Tech. Industry

Project Type: Brand Identity Design


Morris Code was started by Drew Morris in 2016 after identifying a big problem in the tech industry. Many new companies have big ideas but are lacking in big resources. Bringing on top executive talent is a long-term commitment and can be stifling to the business’ flexibility. The best solution for many of these early-stage companies is to hire a fractional CTO. Thus giving you the ability to stay flexible, without sacrificing quality.

Morris Code is designed around that flexibility. Giving you the speed you need while still building a stable foundation that will stand the tests of time. Mr. Morris brings over a decade of experience in the tech industry. Having created dozens of products and helping businesses both large and small.


The Challenge: The client has been operating his business for 4 years without a proper identity system and brand guidelines. The business is inconsistent in using its assets and has always relied on what they feel is nice about its branding. I was tasked to create an Identity System for Morris Code, LLC implementing Morse code in a minimal futuristic design.


The Approach: After doing a discovery session with the client, I started researching the business model, market demographics, and its immediate competitors. I started looking at the Morse Code method of communication and created 2 different stylescapes. Once we’ve identified a design direction, I started sketching several logo concepts to present. After one of the logos was approved I started developing the color palette and typography based on the brand attributes ( Futuristic, Minimal, Innovative, and Professional )



Date:November 12, 2020
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