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I didn’t expect that

Chester’s work is absolutely incredible. This guy knows branding inside and out. He can deliver a very thoroughly researched brand for your company that’s positioned uniquely against competitors. He honestly knows more about our competitors and target market now than we did and had some really innovative ideas for directions to take the company and branding that we hadn’t even… Read more “I didn’t expect that”

Jourdan Amerson

Above and beyond expectations

Chester is highly ambitious, works very quickly, and goes above and beyond… Read more “Above and beyond expectations”

Kyle Meagher

Dependable Workhouse

Chester is a dependable workhouse. He has outstanding communication and technical skills. He listens patiently and works tirelessly. Chester assisted us for over a year and helped our company from scratch; logo designing, web designing, competition researching, social media marketing, to succeed. To meet deadlines, he reaches an extra mile and accommodated our requests by waking up in the middle… Read more “Dependable Workhouse”

Gursharan Sarkaria

Beautiful designs that were on-brand

Chester was fantastic at both understanding the brief, as well as delivering beautiful designs that were on-brand. He went over and above to include additional elements too! I will absolutely be working with him on future… Read more “Beautiful designs that were on-brand”

Angelique Michelle Dauberman

Knocked it out of the park again!

This was my second time working with Chester and he knocked it out of the park again! He has good instincts for visuals that tell the brand story and communicates very well. It’s a pleasure working with… Read more “Knocked it out of the park again!”

Justin Adams

Very friendly

Very easy to communicate with. Did job and adjustments as requested. Very friendly and willing to go the extra mile to get the work… Read more “Very friendly”

Natalia Delgado
Visual Designer and Educator

Very reliable

Excellent work and very reliable. I look forward to working with Chester again in the… Read more “Very reliable”

Dave Morris
Founder, ELDIPH
Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

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