My Personal Branding

Hi,  I’m Chester a creative professional focusing on branding, packaging, and web design. I’ve been into creative design for more than 15 years now, both as a hobby and a profession. I am currently a brand strategist for a branding agency based in California

I have worked on projects involving high-profile clients, companies, and organizations in my career, including; Microsoft, Blue Microphones, Jordan Harbinger, Content Mars, Quantum Migration, and TIHOCO to name a few.

To earn my client’s trust, I focus my work on providing value and solutions to their problem. My creative work is centered on Over-Delivering, giving more than what is expected of me. I always take responsibility and pride in leaving all of my clients saying “WOW”.

Location: Metro Manila, Philippines
Client Type: Creative Designer, Freelance
Project Type: Branding
The Challenge: I have been creating brands for several individuals and companies now, and it ain’t easy. What is even more challenging is to create my very own personal brand. The goal of this project is not just to create a personal brand but, to create a memorable and timeless visual identity.

The Approach: Given the ongoing pandemic, most designers are forced to work from home and communicate with clients online. I started working on my brand messaging to emphasize the benefits of working with me. My visual identity is focused on simplicity with a unique and modern approach.
The new online portfolio is visually attractive and informative. This personal branding will promote traffic to the website, and attract visitors to browse longer thus generating more clients.

Date:December 8, 2020
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