Ed’s Barbershop

Ed’s Barber Shop takes their trade very seriously, without taking themselves too seriously. Founded by Eduard Duval in 2013, a third-generation barber with roots that trace back to 1948, Ed’s Barber Shop has established history and credibility on their side.

Straight outta New York, Ed comes from a family of accomplished barbers. His grandfather started Duval Barbershop after getting out of the army in 1948, a skill that has been passed down to his father, and from his father to Eduard and his brother Edmund. After deciding to move to California, Eduard continued the family tradition and started his own barbershop.

Location: Fremont, California
Client Type: Personal Care, Barbershop
Project Type: Branding
The Challenge: Coming from a family of barbers, the company needed to create something new to attract the working urban men to a place close to work where a man could save time, relax in a classic grown-up environment and get the highest quality grooming.
The Approach: To create the identity, I leaned heavily on Ed’s Barber Shop’s history and story. I based the brand personality and color palette on the original family barbershop in New York.
The logo I created is an illustration of Eduard Duval. The identity is designed to be free-spirited and professional, appealing directly to working men. But, it works equally across busy professionals and pedestrians.

Date:December 8, 2020
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