Lei Monade

Founded by Lei Brooks in 2016, Lei has watched her small juicing business flourish from one person to now employing over 30 staff. With more than 10 years of experience working as a dietician in a local hospital, Lei brings in the importance of optimized nutrition to the human body.

Lei Monade juices are selected from premium lemonade fruits that are cold-pressed to extract all the nutrients, bottled up, and use High-Pressure Processing to preserve the fruit juice. This process extends the shelf life of the product without the use of preservatives and helps maintain the freshness and nutrients of the juices.

Location: Santa Paula, Ca, USA

Client Type: Beverage Company

Project Type: Re-branding

The Challenge: Lei Monade is innovating in the healthy juice sector, with an innovative new way of cold pressing fresh lemonade fruit retaining all the nutrition and natural taste.

The beverage section is fiercely overcrowded and the shelves are filled with visually organic products. My challenge was to re-brand the company and positioned their pressed juice as an exciting, vibrant, and “go to” choice for people looking for a healthy and refreshing juice drink.

The Approach: Since Lei Monade is targeting young adults and the working class, I decided to position the name as a modern-looking brand. I designed a bright and eye-catching logo and packaging that separates the company from the plain and minimalist design trends of health beverages. The vibrant color palette makes Lei Monade’s products stand out on the shelves.


Date:December 6, 2020
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