Sagada Black Coffee

Sagada Black Coffee is a coffee bean grower and roaster based in Mountain Province, Philippines. Producing premium high grown Arabica beans which are handpicked by coffee farmers at 1400 meters altitude. Over sixty percent of their Arabica beans are exported to South Korea and Japan, with the remaining percentage being supplied locally. Many high-quality espresso blends in the Philippines are made from Sagada Black Coffee due to its ability to take dark roasts without turning overly bitter. The low acidity of Sagada Black Coffee is due to the region’s high growing elevations, distinguished by its smooth and mild flavors.

Location: Mountain Province, Philippines:

Client Type: Coffee bean grower

Project Type: Branding

The Challenge: Sagada Black Coffee is a coffee bean grower based in the Philippines with a mission of expanding its market in North America. With the company looking for funding from local investors, my challenge was to help the owners visualize the entire brand. Starting with a few of their products to demonstrate how the brand could be introduced to the local and international markets.

The Approach: I decided to create a brand personality based on Sagada Black Coffee’s origin in Mountain Province. Taking inspiration from the high altitude of the region, the logo symbolizes the mountains and the pine trees that are very much common in the region. I created a comprehensive and flexible identity that could be used and adapted across the business. The palette and unique visual helps to offer a bold and attractive alternative in the saturated coffee market.

Date:November 24, 2020
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