Queensland Fundings

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Client Type: Lending Brokerage
Project Type: Full Brand Development
Learn More: www.qldfundings.com

The Challenge:

Queensland Fundings is one of the fastest-growing finance companies in Queensland, Australia. The company is committed to becoming the leading brokerage firm in Australia providing a broad spectrum of financing services such as home loans, business loans, car loans, and other personal loans. Queensland Fundings headquarters is in Brisbane, Queensland.  A team of highly experienced financial experts obsessed with our clients reaching their life goals.

Queensland Fundings is a lending brokerage founded recently in 2020.  With the goal of becoming Australia’s fastest-growing lending one-stop-shop.

Looking to target young professionals and small to medium enterprises. Wanted to position the brand as a professional, expert, and friendly hassle-free lending solution.

The Approach: During the discovery session it was revealed that the client has no clear direction on the visual identity but has solid internal branding. I started doing research in Australia’s financial industry and real estate business. I started identifying the market demographics ( customers and competition). I was able to find gaps in the market that the brand could leverage and attract clients.

After developing a differentiation strategy, we focused on developing the brand name and started humanizing the brand. For the visual identity, I was allowed to freestyle everything as long as it is easily remembered, unique, and reflects the brand personality.


Date:January 26, 2022
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